BBM Innovation Scholarships

BBM Global Innovation Scholarships are industry-led scholarships. They are specialised opportunities to study, learn and grow through industry experience in areas identified by industry leaders and experts.

Industry Trail Blazers scope these opportunities with BBM to give young Australians access to people and places anywhere in the world where leading-edge innovation is happening.

Unlike our self-directed scholarships, these opportunities develop specific knowledge and skill in areas where Australia’s industry leaders see the future of their industry. Due to their niche focus, these scholarships are supported by industry to assist scholars to gain access to the places, companies and people they need.

Applications for 2019 are now closed. The next round of applications opens in May 2020.

Green Infrastructure 

Green infrastructure holds the key to future proofing our cities, reducing heat, improving air quality, managing storm water and providing economic and social benefits.

Urban forests, constructed wetlands, green roofs and green walls and other green spaces along with low impact development all contribute to more liveable cities with lower energy consumption, better water management.

In Australia, green infrastructure is in its infancy, and learning from global leaders in Asia, the US and Europe is critical for us to identify and adapt the most efficient models to our climate and infrastructure. Knowledge, skill and accreditation are still developing for those pioneering the field in Australia.

The BBM Innovation Scholarship for Green Infrastructure offers the opportunity for an Australian Horticulturist or Landscape Construction Professional to study and upskill with world leaders in the field.

Auto Electrical

The automotive industry is undergoing the greatest evolution in its history with the advent of electric propulsion and connected automated vehicles. These new technologies are vital for reducing emissions and will change the way we own, drive, use and repair vehicles.

The likely rapid shift presents challenges and opportunities to Australia’s automotive industry. The skills of typical automotive technicians and auto-electricians will form the foundations required but will need significant upgrading to transition with the changes.

Australia is, in most part, an importer of vehicles and technology but with change comes great opportunity for a new industry in years to come.

Gaining experience with innovation hubs in the UK, Europe, Asia and the US through this scholarship will provide the recipient with electric acceleration. The 2019 BBM Innovation Scholarship offers an auto-electrician or automotive technician the opportunity to study and upskill with world’s leading edge of transport technology innovation.

Additive Metal Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is revolutionising production processes – across the globe and in many different industries, especially in the aerospace, medical, automotive and defence sectors. AM, which includes 3D printing, enables rapid prototyping of new products and new ways to manufacture those products that can be lighter, stronger and cheaper than before. On-demand manufacturing is now a reality with AM which can dramatically minimise stock-holding costs, CO2 emissions, reduced time to market and allow customised production to be financially viable.

The processes used in AM are fundamentally different to current production methodologies and challenge traditional skills and experience. From product design to data analytics to assembly and machining – the processes, technologies and materials used in AM require a new way of thinking and new skills to develop a global competitive manufacturing industry here in Australia.

The BBM Innovation Scholarship for Additive Manufacturing offers you the opportunity to study and upskill, helping you to engage with world leaders in the field. Be at the forefront of the growth and development of Australia’s additive manufacturing capability by understanding and experiencing best practice in other countries around the world.

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