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Australia’s vibrant performing arts industry spans drama, music and dance and their respective production environments.

Touring and exchanging artists is an important part of advancing theatre, orchestras and ballet in Australia and abroad, as artists experience different audiences, approaches and how other companies and ensembles work.

In Australia with its vast distances, this cultural exchange is of even greater significance.

BBM global industry scholarships support individual young artists and their companies by supporting the creative, cultural exchange on the global stage. We enable musicians, actors and dancers to compete internationally or audition at some of the finest academies in the world. Many return with renewed passion and a new approach to their craft, while others spend years performing abroad before returning to become industry leaders in Australia’s performing arts.

A BBM Global Industry Scholarship is your opportunity to go overseas, boost your craft and become the best performer you can be. Experience all your career field has to offer and become an inspiration for the creative minds around you.

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A career in film or theatre requires focus, determination, resilience and a lot of hard work.

Between long stretches without work and short, intense bouts of work, it will be the passion for drama that sustains you in your work and keeps your career progressing.

A BBM scholarship to travel abroad and focus exclusively on your craft and your industry is a unique opportunity to explore the many careers available in this sector, on the stage and behind.

BBM Scholar Nicole Da Silva used her experience to forge her career as an Australian television actor, while another scholar went overseas as an aspiring actor and returned to become one of Australia’s most acclaimed stage lighting designers.

CASE STUDY – Lexi Sekuless, Drama 2007



Whether your passion is classical music or jazz, as a musician you strive for excellence, live to perform and thrive in creative exchange with others.

The language of music is truly a global language, and no matter whether you perform with an ensemble in Moscow or Toronto, you perform from the same sheet.

BBM music scholars have travelled the world in pursuit of creative exchange and to learn from the masters of their craft. Many have taken positions overseas to perform and teach, many have returned to Australia to lead their industry and become mentors to new talent.

BBM Global Industry Scholarships are aimed at those who aim beyond their personal growth and development towards advancing their industry. 2018 BBM alumni Jennifer Hou combines her outstanding talent as a pianist with her law degree to become an advocate for musicians’ rights in Australia.

If you see yourself as part of the future of classical music or jazz in Australia a BBM scholarship might be for you.

CASE STUDY – Jennifer Hou, Piano 2018

Classic Ballet

Classic Ballet

Dance is a significant part of the cultural fabric of Australia, and the BBM ballet scholarship recognises and grows emerging talent in the field. It is your opportunity to embark upon a life changing experience which will shape not only your own future but the futures of all those you go on to influence in your career.

You will be able to see the art form at its pinnacle and learn from some of the world’s greatest dancers, teachers and choreographers at work both in the rehearsal studio and on stage.

As Ballet Master at the Australian Ballet, I am now, along with some of my fellow past BBM awardees, involved in mentoring & developing Australia’s leading dancers. So it really is the award that keeps on giving!

As a pre-professional dancer you already demonstrate the technique and artistry required to enter the profession. If you are also ready to articulate your vision and values as a member of the dance community and step up to become an influencer in your industry we encourage you to apply.

CASE STUDY – Steven Heathcote AM

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