Graham Ross discusses the BBM Youth Support Award for Horticulture

Melanie Stray (BBM Youth Support CEO) was recently a guest on Graham Ross’ show The Garden Clinic to discuss the BBM Youth Support Award for Horticulture which is now open for applications.

Melanie and Graham got to discuss the extremely talented and driven alumni of the Award such as Kate Grace, Caitlin Sawyer, Tristan Krepp and last year’s winner of the Award, Jack Hutchinson, who is currently in the UK experiencing his Award! You can listen to the clip below, we would like to thank Graham Ross for having Melanie on the show and for encouraging young people in Horticulture.

If you know somebody looking for an incredible opportunity in Horticulture or any of the Award categories, make sure to let them know applications are open so they don’t miss out on this incredible experience.

31st May, 2017

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