Henrietta Ardlie departs as CEO

It is with regret that we wish to announce the departure of Henrietta Ardlie (BBM CEO). The BBM Board of Directors would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge her outstanding contribution.

Since November 2019, Henrietta has led BBM through significant and necessary transformational change. She drove the creation of a new vision and purpose for the organisation aligned closely to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, evolved the scholarship program to meet the changing needs of our scholars and adapt to Covid-19, and was instrumental in ensuring BBM’s participation in the National Redress Scheme.

She leaves the organisation in a strong governance position, well placed to deliver on its strategy. Henrietta is extremely proud of her achievements which will assist both future scholars and support BBM’s historical migrants, individuals especially close to her heart.

We wish Henrietta well in the future, she will be missed.

8th December, 2021

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