How to get to the Forum from the BBM Homepage

To get to the Forum (and other Big Brother Movement related paged) from the BBM Homepage there are 2 methods.

If at any stage you need to get back to the homepage then just click the BBM Youth Support logo in the top left of the website.


  1. The first is hovering your mouse over the “ABOUT” category then down to “Big Brother Movement”.
  2. From here you can choose any big brother movement related pages and I have highlighted the path to the “FORUM” in red below.




  1. The second method is clicking the large banner titled “Big Brother Movement” as shown below.


2. Doing this will take you to the “NOTICEBOARD” which is where all the news and stories related to the Big Brother Movement are posted. (Eventually the banner will take you to a more user friendly navigation page for Little Brothers that is currently being developed).

3. You will notice that on the right side of the screen there is a navigation tool with all Big Brother Movement related pages (Highlighted in red in the photo below).

4. I have highlighted the “Forum” in blue as that is the page that has been requested. Click whichever page you would like to visit and if you have any questions please feel free to contact the office.


24th September, 2015

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