How to apply



Applications are currently closed.


Applications for 2019 will open in May.

Awards will be given in the categories of Trade, Agriculture, Horticulture and the Performing Arts.

Eligible sub-categories for 2019 and closing dates will be announced in May.


To be eligible to apply for a BBM Youth Support Award, you must:


  • be a permanent resident or citizen of Australia
  • be able to spend at least 1 month overseas pursuing development opportunities related to their award area
  • be able to depart Australia for your award journey before the 31st of December the year following your application.
  • be between 16 and 23 years of age before June 30th the year following your application
  • confirm that you would not be in a position to finance the project without BBM assistance. Whilst the awards are not means tested, the intention is to provide opportunities to young people who would otherwise struggle to access them
  • be able to make satisfactory arrangements to pursue your objectives, including obtaining any visas you may require.
  • confirm that you have not travelled overseas for a similar career development opportunity
  • not be travelling to take up a place at an overseas school which has been offered to you
  • be committed to acting as a good ambassador for Australia and BBM Youth Support
  • provide a detailed report and images (PDF/Blog/Vlog/video) on your experiences within a month of your return. An amount of $500 of the award is withheld conditional to meeting this criteria to a reasonable standard.
  • be able to attend the annual BBM Youth Supports Awards Night in Sydney to accept the award
  • be willing to assist BBM Youth Support during your award journey and in the future to whatever extent you can, including media and promotional opportunities within what can reasonably expected of a successful awardee

You will be asked to submit evidence of eligibility as applicable.

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