Your BBM Global Industry Scholarship may have been years ago, but your journey as an industry influencer continues.

Reconnecting with BBM offers powerful avenues for you to continue to make the most of your award experience:

Tap into a network of progress focused industry leaders

The BBM Alumni community forms a network of passionate and successful industry leaders that share your experience of a BBM Global industry Scholarship.  You share the unique career boost that set you on your path, you may connect to the same host companies overseas and maintain business networks that offer opportunities for business synergies. Use this pool of alumni to maintain, rebuild or expand the overseas connections you built during your award trip and grow your connections in Australia.

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Beat your own drum

The career you built on the back of your trip is something to be proud of. Use our profile pages to promote yourself, your business and employer and the impact your award has had on your career.

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Position yourself as a leader

You’re ready. Your BBM Global Industry Scholarship gave you the competitive edge when you entered your industry. Your alumni status can be an excellent catalyst to develop your position as an industry leader or influencer. Use the network you are a part of; share your BBM success on social media, consider becoming a BBM panel member, consider becoming an “Industry Ambassador” and start shaping the future of your industry.

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Why I came back to BBM

Past BBM Trade Scholar, Nathan Gore-Brown, has built a stellar career on his scholarship experience. Now focusing on sustainability with a vision of transforming his industry, Nathan is joining the ranks of BBM’s Industry Trail Blazers to shape the future of his trade and that of young talent in Australia.

Nathan Gore-Brown, Trade 2000

Nathan Gore-Brown, Trade 2000

The experience of the BBM Global Industry Scholarship and what it enabled provided the foundation for my career since. It also shaped me, my love of travel and different cultures. It fuelled my inquisitive nature. It ultimately led to me meeting my wife and having our two wonderful children.

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