Annabelle Butler



Where you are now and what are the highlights of your career? 

I am working as an assistant manager in my family’s beef enterprise, consisting of breeding, backgrounding and finishing.

My career highlights include travelling to the US supported by a BBM bursary and a scholarship through Angus Australia. This was an incredible experience that has opened my eyes to the global beef market and the great personalities within the international beef industry. In addition, competing at the Intercollegiate Meat Judging Competition on the University of Queensland team was certainly a highlight. The Graeme Acton Beef Connections Program is another of my career highlights, which was a program where I was paired with an industry leader and undertook an industry based project. I couldn’t recommend these opportunities more and I wouldn’t have the knowledge, friendships and ability without them.


What did you learn during your BBM Scholarship that has set you on your career path, and how does the experience continue to influence you and your work today? 

The chance to visit the US with BBM put me in a position to meet and understand many of the people behind some of the greatest beef businesses in the world. Learning from these industry leaders has given me the confidence, knowledge and contacts to be successful within my own beef business.


What was the single most important thing your learned on your scholarship? 

I learned that people are your greatest asset, both personally and professionally, so make the most of the great people in your industry.


What was the greatest challenge? 

My greatest challenge was having the confidence to put myself out there and be open to experiences, changes and ideas.


How did your training and education pay off for you during your scholarship? 

My knowledge of the Australian beef industry, as well as my degrees and opportunities allowed me to absorb as much information as possible, as well as contribute in a productive way. It really helped my experience and allowed me to grow more as a person in the experience.


Did you have a mentor or employer who set you on your path? 

My parents are great mentors and are always encouraging me to push the limits, and it was them that inspired me to experience BBM.


Do you feel that your scholarship experience, through its impact on your career, has enabled you to make an impact on your industry? 

I believe that since my scholarship experience, I will be more inclined and also more able to impact my industry going into the future. My involvement with the Young Beef Producers Forum committee has already demonstrated that, and I am keen to get out and spread my passion and knowledge further.

What are the most important trends and developments in your industry (especially regarding innovation and sustainability) and do you see a role for the scholarships in advancing your industry?

Genetics is one of the most important factors in the global beef industry, and it is without a doubt forever changing to better suit consumer demands. However, genetic improvements wouldn’t be possible without the advances in technology, particularly around data recording, analytics and management. Both the genetics and technologies I experienced in the US are ahead of the Australian beef industry and I look forward to how we utilise these as they further develop.


What is your message to young people starting out in your trade? 

If you are passionate about the beef industry, there is more than enough room for you. We need young, capable people to be across technology, practices and the science behind breeding better beef and there is a huge demand for young talent in our industry. A good attitude will set you apart and as long as you are willing to learn, there are endless opportunities. Getting involved with scholarships, industry events, and training courses is essential to the future of the beef industry, and there are so many great opportunities to take advantage of. I know there are many capable people out there, especially women, so come on ladies, dream big!


Would you encourage other young people, employers and industry leaders to get involved with the BBM Global Industry Scholarship program?

I’ve already made clear that BBM is one of the best things I was ever a part of and I would recommend the program to anyone. I can’t describe the benefits of the program and it will continue on for life. It’s an experience not to be missed!

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