Jordan Cahill

Trade – Landscape Construction



Working overseas was a major learning curve. From the design of a landscape to the construction, many elements, strategies and practices are different to how we complete a project in Australia.

Many different techniques are used in the likes of stone masonry and concrete works, in fact most hands on skills have a different approach depending on the person undertaking them, so working with a large group of people was beneficial.

Different plants, different work culture

Plant selection and species were completely different due to being in the northern hemisphere and such a different climate to Australia. Analysing what plants went where was particularly interesting, as designers choose from a different array of plants to Australian designers.

It took some time to overcomes the differences in overseas structure of work, however it was an amazing adaptation and learning experience which shaped my ability in the industry even more.

My overseas experience has opened up many opportunities back in Australia. I was promoted to site supervisor on return and given a more senior role in mentoring apprentices and managing more projects. I wouldn’t have been as ready for this role without my communication skills and eager attitude to learn and face challenges that I gained by going overseas. My work in Europe has also lead to me meeting with leading professionals in the landscape industry, and some connections I hope to keep for a long time.

I still have a lot to learn

The most important thing on a personal level was stepping out of my comfort zone and understanding that I still have a lot more to learn about the world. There is so much to do and see, and I have been given an understanding that it is important to have exposure to the world to grow as a person and become a more social and successful character personally and professionally.

On a professional level, it challenged my adaptation skills, placing me in an unfamiliar environment in which I had to use my skills to engage with overseas traditions and learn how other companies and countries operate. This was an interesting challenge as other companies, especially overseas, operate in completely different ways, and it was an amazing experience to get an understanding into how others achieve success.

I achieved a great amount before and after the scholarship, and a lot would not be possible without my overseas experience, I couldn’t recommend it enough!

A pathway to career success

I now have a larger passion for success in my chosen trade of landscaping, yet understand the importance of learning for both personal and professional development.

For all future applicants, my advice is to take every opportunity as it comes. Believe in yourself and acknowledge your success in a passionate and humble manner. Always leave yourself open for opportunity and learning, as the more you are open, the more you learn. The BBM Global Industry Scholarship opens a major pathway in career success and is a once in a lifetime opportunity for your professional and personal development. I cannot recommend applying more.

Read Jordan’s scholarship report here.

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