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Simon Tedeschi is considered one of Australia’s best Classical Musicians. His passion for piano has led to a critically acclaimed career, with performances in front of foreign dignitaries such as Nelson Mandela, George W Bush and Vladimir Putin. Simon’s versatility has meant that he is equally successful in performing to children as to the likes of renowned Luciano Pavarotti.

Simon credits BBM as key to his level of performance and skill. Reflecting on his Scholarship trip, Simon notes that “in the UK I became an artist” due to the support of BBM he was exposed to a wealth of new ideas that enabled him to truly explore his musicality.

Simon traveled to London in 1998 on a BBM Global Industry Scholarship to study with Noretta Conci. Even at 17, Simon was seeking ways to learn outside of the conventional institutional track. During his time with Conci, Simon was supported to explore ideas that he otherwise would not have. In particular, Simon learnt “to not take myself too seriously but to take the music with the utmost seriousness.” Simon remains close friends with Conci and continues to turn to her for mentorship, a connection he would not have made without BBM.

Since his scholarship, Simon’s career has continued to reach new highs. Some of his personal favorites include; performing with the Sydney Symphony in front of 100,000 people, performing for the Dalai Lama and touring the world with Harmonica legend Larry Adler.

Today, Simon is on a mission to make classical music more accessible to Australian children. Simon has embodied Mozart, for two years in a row, at the acclaimed Sydney Opera House Baby Proms. In addition to this, Simon combined piano, anecdotes and comedy to present the family show Simon Tedeschi: Pianist and Prankster. In an official capacity, Simon is the Roving Ambassador for the Australian Children’s Music Foundation, Ambassador for Sydney Eisteddfod and patron for Ryde Eisteddfod.

Simon is an advocate for musical education, especially the unconventional and off the beaten track,  “I see scholarships as providing a fundamentally important role in not only providing needed funds in a more competitive era than ever but also in educating youngsters about the potential pitfalls and advantages of a truly global audience.”

Simon is an inspirational role model to all young musicians, but his advice to future BBM Industry Scholars is simple: “don’t rush, cherish mental health, practice slowly.”

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