As Australia’s economy becomes more and more outward focussed, businesses find themselves under growing pressure to play on the global stage; meeting local demand for innovative products available overseas, staying competitive through cutting-edge technology and developing an international focus through teams with global experience.

These pressures are also opportunities to future-proof your business and industry for a global future. As a strategic partner, BBM can help your company or industry to bring that global edge to Australia. You can nominate the skills and knowledge a BBM awardee acquires overseas and brings back to your industry or your business.

With BBM as your partner, you can send your own young and up-coming business talent on a global scholarship to train and bring back the connections, insights and knowledge for your business to thrive as an international player.

What’s in it for you?

You have a talented young professional who wants to apply for a BBM global industry scholarship.

If your first thought is about losing hands on deck in your business, think again.

  • Your young talent is showing initiative and seeking your support as a mentor, not just as an employer. That should be applauded.
  • Your young talent is showing interest in global trends, innovation and sustainability of your industry. What an opportunity to renew your own passion!
  • Your young talent will return full of ideas and enthusiasm they want to share, adding the kind of value no amount of formal training can create.
  • Your young talent will return a more mature, knowledgeable and committed employee. An invaluable asset to your business.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Horticulture Industry leader Peter Thorburn of Honeysuckle Garden has experienced first hand the benefits of sending an apprentice on a BBM Global Industry Scholarship. Read his account and meet his BBM Scholar in the video.

Peter Thorburn, Honeysuckle Garden

Peter Thorburn, Honeysuckle Garden

Giving young people these opportunities is paramount for business growth – it may be short term pain letting them have time away from the business, but you will be rewarded may times over with a loyal young employee with new skills and drive they are keen to use in your business as they grow their career.

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