Hosting a BBM Scholar

UK based Host Company Aurrigo: CEO David Keene (left), past BBM Trade Scholar Scott Shearan, and Sales and Marketing Director Miles Garner (right)

Has your company been approached by a BBM Global Industry Scholar? Are you contemplating offering a placement?

Here is what you need to know.

What does hosting a BBM scholar involve?

If your  company chooses to host a BBM Industry Scholar, you will be expected to;

  • Provide the scholar with a work experience placement that offers learning opportunities related to the scholars professional skills and experience
  • Opportunities to observe, participate in and discuss practices, methods, materials and technology, especially where they differ from the scholar’s Australian industry experience
  • Encourage your scholar to be an active learner and to reflect on concepts such as the experience of global differences in work culture, work place communications etc.
  • Provide your scholar with written confirmation of the details of the placement (dates, location, etc.) prior to the scholarship commencing
  • Provide BBM with feedback on your scholar’s performance during their time in your company
  • Accommodation, transport and other logistically considerations: While, on occasion, host companies have made arrangements for their scholars, these areas are the scholar’s responsibility
  • Payment: While, on occasion, past hosts have paid their scholars during their placement or employed them upon completion of the scholarship, you are NOT expected to reimburse the scholar for their time at your company.

What's in it for the host?

While each scholar and host company experience their BBM scholarship journey differently, there are many benefits commonly reported by hosts;

  • A young person with enthusiasm and a fresh set of eyes to join your team
  • An international perspective on processes and practices
  • A young professional to include in your global professional network
  • An opportunity for staff to gain experience with managing and guiding a new team member
  • In some cases a future employee!

What is BBM / the scholar responsible for?

BBM Youth Support provides its scholars with an AUD8,000 grant to cover travel expenses, including flights and accommodation and occasionally vocational short training courses, industry event tickets and other work experience related expenses.

The scholar is responsible for;

  • Applying for and securing a work experience placement
  • Applying for and securing a visa
  • Obtaining suitable health and travel insurance cover
  • Completing a minimum of four (4) working weeks on placement with one or more host organisations and/or engaging in industry relevant activities (trade shows, industry events, etc.)


A host company’s perspective

UK based Aurrigo hosted and employed one of BBM’s 2017 trade scholars and hosted another in 2018. Here’s why.

A sponsorship case study.
Robert McColm

Robert McColm

Host of BBM Agriculture Scholar Alice O’Rourke

It was a privilege meeting someone so young with an enthusiastic and knowledgeable approach to farming. Sheila and I wish Alice good luck and all the best in her future agricultural career.

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