Hosting a BBM Scholar

UK Host Company Aurrigo: CEO David Keene (left), past BBM Trade Scholar Scott Shearan, and Sales and Marketing Director Miles Garner (right)

Has your company been approached by a BBM Scholar? Are you considering offering a placement?

Here is what you need to know.

Who are our scholars?

Our scholars are ‘doers’ who love to work with their hands. They share a concern for the future of Australia and our planet and are committed to creating a sustainable, significant Australia.

As change makers for the future, our scholars look to you as a pioneer for sustainable practices, innovation and thought leadership.

Your scholar brings vision and purpose and a genuine desire to learn.

BBM provides the means for our scholars to visit and learn from businesses and organisations like yours, that embrace and develop practices for impact.

Learning is at the heart of this scholarship, and your scholar chose to ask you for the opportunity to shadow you and learn.

What does hosting a BBM scholar involve?

Learning from and with others through hands on experience and exchange of ideas is what our scholarships are about.

As a host you enable this learning by

  • Making time to ask and answer questions.
  • Giving access to areas of interest where possible.
  • Allowing the scholar to shadow key staff in the business.
  • Challenge the scholar’s learning and give frequent constructive feedback.
  • Allow the scholar to engage in meaningful hands-on work that aligns with their learning goals.
  • Encourage discussion around sustainability and the UNSDGs in their industry.
  • Provide your scholar with written confirmation of the details of the placement (dates, location, etc.) prior to the scholarship commencing
  • Provide BBM with feedback on your scholar’s performance during their time in your company
  • Accommodation, transport and other logistically considerations: While, on occasion, host companies have made arrangements for their scholars, these areas are the scholar’s responsibility and are funded out of the scholar’s grant.
  • Payment: While, on occasion, past hosts have paid their scholars during their placement or employed them upon completion of the scholarship, you are NOT expected to reimburse the scholar for their time at your company.
  • Insurances: BBM expects all parties to have sufficient cover at the start of placement.

What's in it for the host?

While each scholar and host company experience their BBM scholarship journey differently, there are many benefits commonly reported by our hosts;

  • A young person with enthusiasm and a fresh set of eyes to join your team
  • An opportunity to focus on sustainability and impact.
  • A young professional with their own diverse industry contacts to include in your professional network
  • An opportunity to gain experience with mentoring and developing a young talent.
  • In some cases a future employee!

What are BBM and the scholar responsible for?

BBM provides the scholar with sufficient funds for all placement related expenses including travel, accommodation and insurances. BBM also provides a personal mentor for each scholar and supports the pair to develop a strong supportive relationship before the placement commences.

BBM provides each host with a contact person at BBM to assist the host and scholar as needed. BBM also provides a comprehensive induction pack covering policies and procedures for a successful placement.

The scholar is expected to;

  • Arrive at the placement ready to learn
  • Record their daily learning in words and images
  • Debrief on their learning progress once per week and at the end of placement with their mentor and with their host.
  • Participate actively in the day-to-day business of the host company and apply their learning to the benefit of the host while working in their organisation
  • Conduct themselves in a professional manner that reflects both BBM’s and the host business / organisation’s code of conduct
  • Maintain a professional, ethical, and supportive working relationship.
  • Conduct themselves in a manner that ensures their own safety and that of those around them
  • Follow BBM policy and protocol to raise any concerns, including for their safety and wellbeing, during their scholarship and placement
  • Participate in honest, respectful and relevant conversations.
  • Act with integrity and commitment, taking action to achieve their nominated goals.
  • Keep all commitments regarding the placement tasks in the context of the host company’s day to day business.
  • Seek clarification if something is unclear but to do so carefully and politely.
  • Drive their scholarship journey by being prepared for each day with questions and reflections.

What supports are available for me and my scholar?

BBM is committed to providing our scholars, their mentors and our host companies with a rewarding opportunity for personal and professional development.

To ensure the best outcome for all, you and your scholar will be offered by BBM;

  • A designated placement liaison to work with you, your scholar and their mentor
  • Support with clear goal setting and implementation of a learning plan.
  • Regular check ins to monitor progress and offer additional support where appropriate
  • A comprehensive suite of policies to prevent conflict and support the safety and wellbeing of all involved
  • An opportunity to debrief and discuss your experience as a BBM Host with BBM, the scholar and/or their mentor

What if something goes wrong?

BBM is here to ensure we give our hosts and scholars the very best chance of a successful industry placement experience.

We take safety seriously and conduct thorough checks, but accidents can happen. BBM, our hosts and our scholars are expected to have current, comprehensive insurance cover for public liability and personal injury. Before placement can commence BBM will confirm all parties have sufficient cover and, where required, assist the scholar to obtain personal cover as needed.

BBM provides scholars and hosts with its Conflict Resolution Policy to follow in the unlikely case of a conflict arising during placement.

Scholars and Hosts are also encouraged to familiarise themselves with BBM’s Safeguarding our Scholars Policies here, the BBM’s Whistleblower Policy here and the BBM Privacy Policy here.

All Hosts, Mentors and Scholars have a designated contact person at BBM and are encouraged to discuss any issues as they arise.



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Robert McColm

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