Aurrigo: A Host Company’s Perspective

UK based Host Company Aurrigo: CEO David Keene (left), past BBM Trade Scholar Scott Shearan, and Sales and Marketing Director Miles Garner (right)

To win a scholarship takes attitude and skill, and the ability to apply those to learning and practice in a chosen field. More than anything else, this is typified in the BBM Global Industry Scholars who acquire knowledge and experience in developing their career and as a pathway to achievement.

UK-based Aurrigo, leads the world in driverless vehicle first/last mile innovation; a sector predicted to be worth £907 billion to the world economy by 2035.

In 2017, Scott Shearan from Sydney, working in the automotive electrical field, approached Aurrigo for a placement at their UK headquarter as part of his BBM Global Industry Scholarship. This initiative led to a full-time permanent job and later support from the company to enrol at the University of Warwick, UK to build on his TAFE NSW studies and Australian apprenticeship. This represented a great opportunity for Scott to build a career with expertise gained in an environment of cutting-edge technology and simultaneously attain a relevant university degree.

The benefits of having Scott in the Aurrigo business are many…

  • A passionate employee with existing practical knowledge making an immediate contribution to our engineering output.
  • An individual with enthusiasm combined with a “can do” attitude is a positive addition to the team.
  • The opportunity to bring new ideas based on experience overseas and research as a result of his on-going studies.
  • The development of a potential future leader for the Aurrigo company in Australia or another country within our worldwide organisation.”

In 2018, Aurrigo hosted BBM Trade Scholar Joey Ussher – pictures from his placement below.

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