Industry Trail Blazers

Your career and your business are in good hands – what about the future of your industry?

Do you have a vision of where it will go in a globalised world?

Recommending a young professional for a BBM Global Industry Scholarship, mentoring a BBM Scholar or sponsoring a scholarship are excellent ways for you to play on the world stage while continuing to devote yourself to your professional commitments in Australia.

It is your opportunity to send a young professional in your field overseas to study trends, innovation and processes and return with new knowledge, ideas and sustainable approaches that you can use to grow your own business.

Your scholar’s personal and professional growth will not only benefit themselves as future industry influencers, it will grow your own global network and open avenues to exercise your industry leadership.

Develop an exceptional talent base for Australian Industries

Throwing your professional influence and resources behind a promising talent is a great way to revive your own passion for your industry and discover opportunities through a fresh pair of eyes.

Universities are sending thousands of students overseas to study and learn on the international academic scene.

For vocational professions, however, these opportunities rarely come up. The result is industries and businesses that have to recruit overseas experts with global skillsets to meet the needs of Australian industries.

This is the gap BBM fills. Instead of importing senior experts at high cost and with limited knowledge of the Australian industry, we send young Australian talent overseas to gain experience, knowledge and skills in areas of innovation and sustainability. These young people return from their scholarship with cutting edge skills at the outset of their careers; ready to build their careers and their industry’s future with global networks and local knowledge.

How can I contribute?

As a BBM Industry Trail Blazer you have several ways to engage:

Spread the word – your endorsement of our program and promotion through your network is a powerful way for you to use your industry influence to recruit Australia’s future industry leaders. Conferences, trade shows, social media or training and teaching environments offer effective avenues to reach talent and can act as a catalyst for your networking and business synergies.

Recommend a young person – if you recognise young talent in your field we want to hear about them. Encourage them to apply for a scholarship or give us a call.

Nominate a Scholarship – be a thought leader and tell us what your industry needs. What international know-how would bring progress to your field? Help us scope a specific scholarship that will bring that knowledge or skill set to Australia.

Mentor an Awardee – share your knowledge and insights with a young Australian in your field and be a sounding board for their ideas

Join one of our Industry Panels – Our panels are industry think tanks that scope our scholarships for industry relevance. Take advantage of the opportunity to provide your insight into innovation, sustainability or networking needs in your industry and help select the ideal scholarship candidates to bring this edge to Australia.

Sponsor an Award – use your resources to create the BBM Scholarship opportunity for a young Australian in your field.

Making the case for Industry collaboration

Mayfield Garden in Oberon are sponsors of a BBM Global Industry Scholarship for Horticulture. Their 2018 Scholar, Katanah Jas, travelled to the UK to study cool climate gardens, of which Mayfield is an extraordinary example.

Garrick Hawkins, Mayfield Garden

Garrick Hawkins, Mayfield Garden

We were exploring options to sponsor a youth and education program in horticulture with scale and impact. This ticks all the boxes.

A sponsorship case study.

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