Suzy Barnett, General Manager at Junglefy

Junglefy is all about creating healthy places for people by adding more plants into our cities. Our unique living infrastructure systems use the biological power of plants to filter pollutants and create clean air as well as cool temperatures and make people feel happier.

Our team are passionate about plants and each person plays a vital role. Our horticulturalists keep our living infrastructure projects in top shape with regular maintenance to ensure the plants thrive all year round. We have a dedicated team who work throughout the year at Sydney’s renowned, One Central Park.

Marcello Galluppo, winner of the 2019 BBM Innovation Scholarship, is one of our dedicated horticulturalists who maintains the vast vertical and rooftop gardens at One Central Park. Marcello knows first-hand that people are happier and healthier when close to nature and “One Central Park” gives city-dwellers the chance to connect with plants just by walking past the building.

Marcello says “I often have people stop to talk to me when I’m working and they say how this building makes them feel happy. I can see that plants really have a positive impact on people and they create opportunities for people to connect”.

Living infrastructure is the future of our cities and Junglefy are proud to be leading the way towards a greener future.


Marcello Galuppo

Marcello Galuppo

My goal is to help this industry further develop in Australia, by sharing knowledge so people can understand the importance of green infrastructure (green roofs, green walls, vertical gardens, living buildings and self-sufficient systems) as beneficial to the environment and society. These benefits include management of storm water, insulation of buildings, enhancing biodiversity, reducing air pollution and providing health benefits. Not to mention, the beauty and calming effects of having plants and gardens in our city.

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