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Our very special Sponsors enable BBM to provide more scholarships and help more young people achieve their potential. Every sponsored BBM Scholar represents one more scholarship that BBM otherwise would not have been able to provide.


Why sponsor a BBM Scholar?

Sponsoring a BBM Scholar is your opportunity to

  • invest in a sustainable and significant Australia.
  • to support young people to become practical, holistic leaders of the future.
  • align your company with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by supporting our scholars’ work towards them

As a BBM sponsor you enjoy many tangible benefits to measure the impact of your investment:


Grow your story

Your BBM sponsorship is a great source of new material for your content strategy. Promoting your support for BBM and sharing your scholar’s journey can drive traffic from BBM audiences and increase your engagement. In return, your scholar will create their own scholarship content on social media, tagging their sponsor and promoting their support.


Grow your network

Sponsoring a BBM Scholar can help your company make connections with non-competing businesses and industry leaders, giving you opportunities for collaboration in the future.


Grow your recognition

Your brand is your most important asset. It is what company is known for in the marketplace. Partnering with BBM and supporting our vision and purpose can strengthen your positive brand image, whether it is local, national or global.

A BBM sponsorship can increase recognition of your brand by giving your company exposure to new audiences, especially through digital channels. Taking advantage of social media you can in turn showcase your alignment, purpose and impact to your own audiences.


Make it yours

BBM sponsorships are flexible, meaning you can work out an agreement that gives your company the level of exposure you’re hoping for. Discuss with us what goals you’re hoping to achieve to maximise the benefits of your sponsorship.

BBM proudly funds all administrative costs relating to scholarships so our Sponsors can be assured that 100% of their sponsorship is put towards our exceptional scholars. Our Scholarships are valued at $8,000 each and cover the following industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Trade & Horticulture

BBM is actively looking for sponsors for our scholars right now. If you are interested in learning how your organisation can sponsor a BBM Scholar please contact Henrietta Ardlie, CEO, BBM henrietta@bbm.asn.au

Pro-bono Partners

We are a small charity with a big vision, determined to ‘grow a sustainable and significant Australia.’

We know that the key to lasting impact is to work closely with other like minded organisations – we know we are stronger together!

BBM is extremely grateful to the following big hearted organisations for their ongoing support:

Our current Sponsors

Our Pro-bono Partners

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