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Businesses tell us they are looking for a close association and a long term connection when supporting their community and industry.

BBM Youth Support invests in young people’s development through a proven model with long term impact. Our awardees share these skills on their return, enriching communities as role models, mentors, teachers and employers, amplifying their effect in their industry.

It is only $8,000 to fund a scholarship for a vocationally educated young person in trade or agriculture. Our very special Sponsors enable BBM to provide more scholarships and help more young people achieve their potential. Every sponsored BBM Scholar represents one more scholarship that BBM otherwise would not have been able to provide.

BBM proudly funds all administrative costs relating to scholarships so our Sponsors can be assured that 100% of their sponsorship is put towards our exceptional scholars.

BBM is actively looking for Sponsors for our scholarships right now. If you are interested in learning how your organisation can sponsor a BBM Scholar please contact Henrietta Ardlie, CEO, BBM henrietta@bbm.asn.au


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