Jade Moffatt: A career in Fashion

Meet Jade Moffatt, an energetic and career-driven awardee who expresses her creative passion through their own clothing designs.

Jade is currently a design assistant in couture made-to-measure for Alexander Kennedy Design with the hope of one day owning her own couture label in Australia.

She already creates her own clothing, including the stunning pink two piece she wore to the 2018 BBM Youth Support Awards night.

As Jade looks towards her future, she is inspired to develop her own brand similar to Paolo Sebastian and Pallas Couture being two iconic fashion houses. Jade sees values not only in the garments themselves but also in the bespoke design experience for clients.

Jade plans to travel to the UK and become a student at Central Saint Martin’s in London as a stepping stone into the world of bespoke couture and the made-to-measure garment industry. Jade sees it as “an amazing adventure and opportunity to learn advanced patternmaking and couture techniques from an elite college”

Jade believes the BBM Youth Award will assist in her “personal growth, advance of knowledge on fabric creation, international design and merchandising techniques”.

The BBM Youth team is excited to follow Jades journey in the UK and see what her brand becomes in the future.

Jade at the 2018 BBM Youth Supports Awards Night with her mother.

28th November, 2018

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