James Raggatt – Awardee report

James Raggatt (2015/16 Drama Awardee) recently returned to Australia after travelling on his Award. We have included snippets from James’ report below, to read the full report Click Here.

james-raggatt“In May, 2016 I travelled to London to begin my time experiencing and learning about the incredible magnitude of theatre in the UK. I spent seven weeks based in London during which time I was exposed to the extraordinary magnitude of theatre happening there. London is considered the centre point of theatre for the world, a place where I could completely immerse myself in the form. I visited some of the greatest theatre companies on Earth, seeing a vast range of work ranging from revivals of work from various eras, to the latest, most exciting new works being produced. I also took the chance to spend a week in Stratford-upon-avon, the home of William Shakespeare, and travelled North to Edinburgh, home of the famous fringe theatre festival. I attended talks and workshops about the development of theatre throughout history from Ben Jonsson to Bertolt Brecht and how each epoch has shifted the modern culture of theatre making. I was also able to meet with various practitioners who provided me with invaluable insight and advice. I arrived back in Australia in July with a breadth of understanding and new ability that I never could have imagined. I have returned with a re-ignited passion for my art-form, and a plethora of fresh skills and ideas with which to work in and contribute to my industry.”

“For a drama awardee, there really is no place like London. The work happening in this city is so diverse and offers the chance to develop yourself in major ways as an artist.
If visiting in their Summer, I highly recommend checking out the university colleges for accomodation. They rent out their rooms very cheaply during the university breaks, and being near
the universities they’re in great positions. I managed to find myself a room for as cheap as a shared dormitory at a youth Hostel! booking.com is a really useful resource, as is airBnb. Make sure to research around before booking anyway to ensure you’re saving as much as you can on accomodation. That way you can really put that money towards what you’re there for- to learn and
engage with your topic. Make sure to keep flexible with your plans but also do some planning ahead. You want to know you’ve got wiggle room, but it’s also important to have some prepared
structure for how you intend to spend your time.”

“This trip was a true game-changer for me. I will spend years processing and exploring the things I have learnt, perspectives I have gained, and techniques I have developed. The connections made
with practitioners will be invaluable into the future. What I have learnt about my art-form on this journey has deeply shifted how I think about it in a more mature, and ambitious way. I am
determined to take all this into my career not only as a practitioner myself, but as a leader and an instigator of change and growth for arts in Australia.”

29th September, 2016

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