Jarrard Martin

Trade Scholar


I want to use my BBM Global Industry Scholarship to travel overseas and broaden my knowledge and skills of the industry that is a global one. I hope to work in establishments and experience difference hospitality cultures and procedures of the kitchen environment.

I am interested in learning about regional foods and appropriate cooking and preparation methods.

I would like to travel to Italy because of their regional specialties that are based upon the produce of the region. Italian food is often simple, but because of the quality of the produce, it works. The basis of each region cuisine is dependent upon what grows and is available.

I would also like to travel around some other countries in Europe, even thought the countries are quite close to one another, the cuisine types are very diverse. For example- Italy is produce driven, French food is technically driven and is the foundation of cooking itself, where Spanish food is contrasting flavours and socialization- people share food (Tapas).

Due to Australia’s diverse climate, we are fortunate to be able to grow a variety of produce all year round. By experiencing the different styles of food found in Europe would enable me to grow as a chef and provide me with the skills and knowledge to get the best result from locally and seasonally grown produce here at home.

I am also interested in staff sustainability, as I have experienced a number of my chef friends leave the industry. Some of the overseas establishments I have researched have a reputation of retaining their chefs and I would like to understand how they achieve this.

My medium career goals is keep on developing my skills and knowledge in the kitchen and to become a leader so that I can motivate my staff to achieve the best they can be. I understand that it is important to work in an environment that cares as much about their staff as the food and their profits, as you cannot have one without the other. I have experienced some poor practices of staff management, and although I understand the pressures that come with running a kitchen, feel that if you look after your chefs, they will look after the business.

I feel that by travelling overseas to experience cultures, produce and ideas, I could inspire other chefs to remain in industry by sharing my knowledge with them. I would plan to take my team on produce tours and then allow them to have an input on the dishes on my menu by allowing them to have creativity. As I would have experienced the cultures of other kitchens, I would be able to harness their creativity in a way that would make the business successful.

My long term goal is to run a kitchen that is simple in terms of the food it produces. The dishes would be made from scratch using good produce (pithiviers, breads, pastries and cakes, nourishing foods.) It would be located in a suburb where the customers value and respect good food. My staff would be passionate and I would motivate them to achieve their best by investing in their skill and knowledge growth. I feel that is unfair that chefs are always given the same shifts or expected to work in the same section month after month. By encouraging my staff to come up with dishes and allowing them to have a work life balance would provide me with an environment that would be an envy to work in. Waste minimization is also an important aspect of running a successful and ethical business, and I know that in particular European kitchens focus on this.

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