Jarrard Martin

Trade Scholar


“I want to create a culture of treating employees with respect and dignity, paying them for the efforts that they apply to making our industry sustainable.”

Jarrard Martin is one of our 2021 BBM Australian Industry Scholars. In 2019 he was awarded a BBM Global Industry Scholarship in Hospitality, but when COVID shut down all international travel, we took the opportunity to offer him a chance to pursue professional and personal development here in Australia.

“I want to ensure that kitchen culture allows chefs to have a work/life balance which then helps maintain staff sustainability. To secure the future of the Australian Hospitality industry we have to recruit and train apprentices and staff with the relevant skills and knowledge to utilise ethical and long-term culinary practices.”

The only condition we have for scholars like Jarrard is that they take every step to become practical, holistic leaders of the future who are aligned to the United National Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), supporting our vision of a sustainable, significant Australia.

“My BBM scholarship helps to engage me in a journey of lifelong learning to maintain my own personal development and to support my industry.”

“The SDG’s that best represent my values in hospitality are Goal #3 – Good Health and Well-Being, Goal #4 – Quality Education and Goal #8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth.”

“To guarantee positive wellbeing outcomes I want to create careful rostering of staff to minimise burnout, which is sadly common in the kitchen environment (working 45-50 hour weeks). I want to achieve this by ensuring at least 2 consecutive days off per week to support the health and well-being of my employees.”


“To achieve quality education, I want to ensure my apprentices have adequate time for formal study and allow them to develop foundational skills in the workplace. As they grow and learn from constructive feedback, we can create a positive industry culture for the long-term. My own personal lifelong learning will include attending relevant training and development activities such as online classes and field trips.”

“Considering the impact the hospitality industry has on Australia’s overall economy, it is essential to provide employment opportunities within a fair working environment for businesses to thrive.

“The high cost of wages and commodities will continue to be a major challenge for the industry and therefore it is important to be aware of budget constraints and manage them effectively. Waste minimization is also an important aspect of running a successful and ethical business.”

We look forward to supporting purpose-driven industry leaders like Jarrard in their journey towards leading the future.

“I will always keep developing my skills and knowledge in the kitchen and try and grow my leadership skills so that I can motivate my staff to become the best they can be. I understand that it’s important to work in an environment that cares as much about their staff as the food they serve and the profits they make, as our entire industry not only rests on quality products but also on quality people.

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