Jessica Westcott returns as Dane Laboyrie leaves

More news is flowing in from our most recent Awardees as Jessica Westcott (2014/15 Music Awardee) returns from her trip to the UK and Dane Laboyrie (2014/15 Jazz Awardee) touches down in London ready to start his BBM experience. We would like to wish Dane all the best with his time in the UK and hope he can take as much away from the experience as so many of the BBM Youth Support Awardees have over the years.

Jessica Westcott has sent in her report detailing her time in the UK and it is great to hear how much she learned and what a great time she had whilst there. Jessica also has a write up about her on the Opera Australia website.

“Having such a long stay in London allowed me to get an in-depth experience of living in this fantastic city, and I would definitely like to move there some day. I was able to meet so many singers who have landed in London from around the world, and I hope to keep strong ties with these guys in the years to come…”

“My latest news is that I have been hired by Opera Australia as a principal Artist in the NSW Schools Company, a section of OA’s Touring and Outreach Department. Already I’m seeing the fruits of my collaborations overseas being used to help strengthen my vocal development and characterisation of “Clorinda, the Ugly Sister” in Cinderella by Rossini. This year I’ll be performing just over 300 shows, and between 8-12 shows a week! This is the longest and most intensive contract offered by any opera company in Australia, and one of the longest principal contracts offered in the world!”

Jessica Westcott UK

Jessica Westcott “Clorinda, the Ugly Sister” in Cinderella by Rossini


9th June, 2015

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