Joshua Meader

Jazz Scholar


Since I can remember my goal has been to become a professional musician and touring performer. I’ve worked hard since beginning this journey when I was 7 years old, trying to make that goal a reality. Performing with my father and selling our duo guitar albums has taught me the fulfilling experience of sharing my art.  

Receiving one-on-one private lessons is the most direct way to learn about an artist’s musical perspectives and philosophy. I have chosen a list of teachers from Europe that are active within the European/American jazz scenes, and have identified areas of innovation within their musicianship I hope to learn from. Siena, Italy hosts a highly regarded international jazz course spanning two weeks called the Siena International Jazz Summer Workshop. Internationally renowned jazz musicians congregate here to mentor ensembles, host jam sessions, perform and give detailed feedback to all students. It would be a high-intensity cultural and creative exchange between students and world-renowned masters of their craft. 

One of my career goals is to record original albums, featuring a range of different instrumentation, ensembles and collections of styles. Presenting my own music in the form of professional recordings on various platforms such as iTunes, Spotify is a way of sharing what I love and my unique voice as a jazz artist.  

Often song writing is treated as the product of “divine inspiration” rather than a concept that can be honed through consistent practice like other musical fundamentals such as a technical facility. Therefore, it has become a goal for me to practice it in one aspect every day. I also believe this level of attention is required for an artist to develop their personal sound and stylistic preferences.  

I was a part of the Stage Band for 5 years and the Jazz Orchestra for 1 year during my time at high school. I toured with the bands around regional NSW, performing jazz big band music to small towns such as Tamworth and Port Macquarie. Supporting a program like the Arts Unit has also been personally rewarding. I connected with a whole cohort of musicians from a range of different backgrounds, high schools and ages, and shared many experiences together, most notably annual shows at the Sydney Opera House. I even met my current band through these jazz band programs which is an example of how it connects aspiring musicians together. 

Over the years I’ve had many students within my community, some of whom I’ve helped achieve results in the HSC, or at auditions. This has been a great way for me to give back, and pass on information I’ve discovered and learnt from others. That’s the wonderful thing about passing on information, that it never remains contained. It trickles through whole communities, influencing the entire industry through tuition.  

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