Justice Jones

Drama Scholar


I am interested in exploring the thriving Italian opera world. Italy is the birthplace and home of opera and has a history and cultural appreciation of the art form unlike anywhere else in Europe. 

I am particularly interested in observing the directing process of Italian directors David Livermore (AD of Teatro Baretti in Turin), Carlo Fuortes and Damiano Michieletto (Opera di Roma & Teatro Alla Scala). These directors have greatly inspired my own directing practice as they challenge the traditions of opera dramatically and are creating shows that are modern, fresh and diverse – a reflection of the changing times.  

I am hugely inspired by the way that these directors stay true to the dramatic text and composer’s intentions but also rely heavily on digital resources. I think that Australia could benefit from adopting this style of direction, not only in generating new works but also by incorporating more technology to already existing opera classics, to cut down productions costs and appeals to new and young audiences.  

My goal for the next 5 years is to get accepted as a director into the young artist program at Opera di Roma or in the Jette Parker at Royal Opera in London. My long-term dream is to bring all this operatic experience and knowledge back to Australia. I will, ideally, bridge the gap between the European and Australian industry and encourage a new generation of opera audiences to get inspired by the art form that changed my life. 

I am a young woman of colour from Western Sydney.  I believe that there is so much untapped artistic potential within the immigrant and low socioeconomic communities of Australia and growing up a part of this demographic has made me passionate about empowering these young people and creativesI understand art to be a privilege and will always work creatively to contribute to my own community to make arts accessible and approachable to a diverse audience. 

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