Katherine Allen

Music Scholar


Australia has a strong operatic industry, and I have been fortunate enough to benefit immensely from the training programs, universities, and performance opportunities granted to young Australians within the trade. I believe that now is the time to broaden my horizons and extend my learning overseas. 

My goal and the direction of my studies are towards a future career as an opera singer. In order to achieve this, I believe that it is necessary to travel overseas. Europe, in particular, is the birth home of opera and thus it is deeply ingrained in their cultural landscape.  

Whilst Australia has many fine institutions, the cultural heritage of opera in Europe has led to incredibly high and concentrated levels of excellence in their large cities, the standard and breadth of which I would not be able to find in Australia. Furthermore, I believe that an essential part of the education of a young singer is exposure to many ideas and techniques in order to widen one’s own breadth of knowledge. I would aim to schedule lessons and coaching sessions with musicians at the major music conservatories in London and Germany.  

I believe that Australia has an incredibly bright artistic future and I am proud to be a part of a young generation of Australians passionate about maintaining and enhancing our cultural landscape. 

 I teach a choir of primary school students on a weekly basis in my local community. It is an utter joy for me to teach these young singers the basics of musical language, singing technique and, more importantly, an appreciation of the pleasure and personal enrichment that music making provides. We have a wonderful time in our classes and I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to engage in such a way with my local community. I also conduct the senior choir of my old high school. I hope that by teaching the students with passion and integrity I can give something back to the school that provided me with such incredible encouragement and support during my time there. 

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