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Flight No
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31/08/1952 George Hopwood New Australia George Hopwood
19/08/1947 Stuart Harris Empire Star Stuart Harris
22/02/1968 Roderick Salmon BA531 Roderick Salmon
09/04/1959 Gordon McRitchie Orontes Gordon McRitchie
26/11/1948 John Lyne Wairangi John Lyne
17/11/1947 Anthony Edwards Ormonde Anthony Edwards
19/07/1951 Michael Halpin Ormonde Michael Halpin
21/02/1961 Ken Parsons Strathnaver Ken Parsons
20/08/1948 David Wightman Empire Brent David Wightman
14/09/1953 Kenneth Ashwood Otranto Kenneth Ashwood
16/08/1972 Jeremy Blair BA812 Jeremy Blair
25/01/1961 Peter Barton Strathaird Peter Barton
22/07/1949 Ronald Edge Orcades Ronald Edge
26/03/1952 John Clive Coates Ranchi John Clive Coates
12/11/1965 Colin Darts Australis Colin Darts
26/11/1951 Michael Piggott Mooltan Michael Piggott
26/11/1951 Derek Crawford Mooltan Derek Crawford
14/01/1965 Peter Smith Castel Felice Peter Smith
09/01/1961 Nigel Dibbs Fairsea Nigel Dibbs
13/03/1950 Ronald Spencer Asturias Ronald Spencer
04/03/1929 John McFeat Largs Bay John McFeat
01/08/1950 Cliff Skinner Ormonde Cliff Skinner
26/11/1951 Michael Griffin Mooltan Michael Griffin
26/04/1956 Brian Inman Orcades Brian Inman
29/08/1949 Kenneth Gemmell (now Evans) Asturias Kenneth Gemmell (now Evans)
22/10/1960 Patrick John Longfield Fairsea Patrick John Longfield
17/05/1973 Robert Lagan QF732 Robert Lagan
13/11/1952 John Harding Ranchi John Harding
18/04/1964 Robin Reed Aurelia Robin Reed
22/07/1949 James Reardon Orcades James Reardon
13/03/1959 Gary Templeman-Rooke Stratheden Gary Templeman-Rooke
06/08/1966 Alan Milson Ellinis Alan Milson
26/04/1973 John Phillips QF732 John Phillips
13/03/1955 Desmond Connors Strathnaver Desmond Connors
19/06/1969 Christopher Morrish BA934 Christopher Morrish
23/01/1954 Donald Bate Orion Donald Bate
09/07/1950 Des March RMS Otranta Des March
04/03/1929 Charles Pritchard Largs Bay Charles Pritchard
02/09/1958 Len Waugh Orion Len Waugh
28/01/1956 John Doherty Strathmore John Doherty
14/11/1964 Ralph Fallows QF172 Ralph Fallows
24/06/1956 'Bob' Ernest Robert Davis New Australia 'Bob' Ernest Robert Davis
28/09/1972 Robert Billington QF732 Robert Billington
08/06/1965 Derek Elliott Fairstar Derek Elliott
08/06/1965 Denis Slevin Fairstar Denis Slevin
19/06/1950 William Dougal Otranto William Dougal
23/06/1961 Paul Stevenson Orsova Paul Stevenson
22/05/1957 Kenneth Johnstone Orontes Kenneth Johnstone
09/07/1961 John Taylor Orion John Taylor
18/04/1964 James McDermott Aurelia James McDermott
07/06/1951 Brian Maxwell Morton Bay Brian Maxwell
05/05/1961 Douglas Hitchon Iberia Douglas Hitchon
16/07/1959 Michael Akrill Orontes Michael Akrill
21/03/1960 John Harbord Strathaird John Harbord
08/08/1964 Brian White Castel Felice Brian White
22/10/1960 Joseph Underwood Fairsea Joseph Underwood
28/08/1955 Roy Spence New Australia Roy Spence
27/07/1962 Alan Snelling Fairsky Alan Snelling
01/01/1953 Greg Skinner Orion Greg Skinner
07/08/1960 Leonard Shefford Fairsea Leonard Shefford
13/03/1955 Theodore Scholey Strathnaver Theodore Scholey
13/01/1966 John Perkins Australis John Perkins
22/08/1953 Sydney Miller Orontes Sydney Miller
04/12/1955 Garden Macdonald New Australia Garden Macdonald
23/02/1962 Graham McKay Himalaya Graham McKay
10/06/1962 Robert Lawrence Oriana Robert Lawrence
13/03/1955 Melvyn Hopwood Strathnaver Melvyn Hopwood
22/06/1955 Richard "Rick" David Grattan Strathnaver Richard "Rick" David Grattan
07/06/1964 John Brown Oriana John Brown
26/04/1955 Alexander Macdonald Otranto Alexander Macdonald
26/04/1955 Alistair Macdonald Otranto Alistair Macdonald
09/04/1963 John Rust Strathmore John Rust
24/09/1965 Paul Beech Northern Star Paul Beech
17/01/1959 Ian Turner SS Iberia Ian Turner
18/10/1964 John Dunphy Fairsea John Dunphy
03/06/1959 John Armitage Strathaird John Armitage
28/08/1955 Lawrence Poysden New Australia Lawrence Poysden
02/07/1970 Alan Parker BA 591 Alan Parker
10/08/1964 Arthur Pinnington Fairsky Arthur Pinnington
24/01/1962 William Boyd Orion William Boyd
10/07/1969 Richard Mellish BA Richard Mellish
07/11/1951 David Bonnett Ranchi David Bonnett
14/01/1965 Peter Sutton Castle Felice Peter Sutton
09/03/1967 Chris Dainty Qantas Chris Dainty
25/11/1964 John Bradbury Orcades John Bradbury
01/01/1970 Peter Pocock SS Himalaya Peter Pocock
21/06/1966 John Rayment Fairstar John Rayment
14/01/1965 Colin Conroy Castel Felice Colin Conroy
28/08/1957 Eddy Steele Orontes Eddy Steele
13/08/1963 David Tindall Fairsky David Tindall
14/12/1925 Bob Harvey Jervis Bay Bob Harvey
20/03/1956 Anson (Ted) Goater Strathaird Anson (Ted) Goater
09/09/1962 Colin Kemplen Oriana Colin Kemplen
28/08/1957 Stuart Gearey SS Orontes Stuart Gearey
09/01/1953 Michael Roach Oronsay Michael Roach
26/03/1952 Michael Hilton Ranchi Michael Hilton
09/07/1961 Larry Washer Orion Larry Washer
24/09/1958 Michael Bruce Shirfield Orontes Michael Bruce Shirfield
08/06/1965 Kit Scally Fairstar Kit Scally
24/01/1962 John Clarke Orion John Clarke
01/12/1963 Richard Steell Fairsea Richard Steell
20/01/1954 Peter Luckhurst Orion Peter Luckhurst
03/10/1968 George Brown Air BA531 George Brown
11/03/1969 Tony Fowler Air BA531 Tony Fowler
22/03/1966 Alan (Trevor) Peart Himalaya Alan (Trevor) Peart
22/08/1953 George Nelson Orontes George Nelson
26/11/1951 Trevor Wignall Mooltan Trevor Wignall
01/03/1978 Gerard Rutter AIR BA888 Gerard Rutter
22/11/1956 Greg Curtis Fairsea Greg Curtis
29/08/1968 Trevor Sproat Air Trevor Sproat
30/06/1960 Royston Wood Arcadia Royston Wood
26/03/1970 Brian Foskett Air Brian Foskett
26/04/1965 Michael Duncan (Duckworth) Air Michael Duncan (Duckworth)
25/08/1966 Ted Biggs Fairstar Ted Biggs
05/11/1958 Robert Moore Orion Robert Moore
17/01/1959 Geoffrey Palmer Iberia Geoffrey Palmer
31/07/1970 Steven Bennett AIR BA936 Steven Bennett
01/12/1963 David Thomas Fairsea David Thomas
22/03/1972 Gerry McDermott AIR BA812 Gerry McDermott
15/11/1961 Frank Mackleston Iberia Frank Mackleston
28/06/1965 Ivor Rees Air BA720 Ivor Rees
28/01/1971 Brian Smith AIR BA519 Brian Smith
17/01/1974 Eric Haines AIR BA814 Eric Haines
15/05/1963 Keith Denton Castel Felice Keith Denton
06/08/1961 Kenneth Shaw Oriana Kenneth Shaw
16/09/1959 John Pilbin Fairsky John Pilbin
12/02/1971 Peter King AIR BA936/807 Peter King
31/10/1974 Charles Goulder AIR QF002 Charles Goulder
16/07/1982 Craig Fleet Air PR731 Craig Fleet
08/08/1964 Bernard Rice Castel Felice Bernard Rice
04/05/1965 Maurice Dunphy Canberra Maurice Dunphy
07/08/1950 Russell Adams Ormonde Russell Adams
21/05/1970 Tony O'Connor AIR BA591 Tony O'Connor
09/11/1967 Malcolm Digby AIRBA714 Malcolm Digby
31/10/1964 David Bailey Fairstar David Bailey
14/01/1965 Stuart Bazley Castel Felice Stuart Bazley
03/06/1959 Alan Moore Strathaird Alan Moore
13/01/1966 Allan Pearson Australis Allan Pearson
13/11/1952 David Moss Ranchi David Moss
24/08/1973 Keith Platt AIR QF766 Keith Platt
13/01/1966 Martin Harrison Australis Martin Harrison
12/03/1970 William Earl AIR William Earl
10/09/1964 Timothy Biggs Fairsea Timothy Biggs
11/08/1961 Peter Clarke Fairsky Peter Clarke
14/03/1968 Colin Sizer Flight Colin Sizer
05/05/1966 Peter Howell Fairsea Peter Howell
24/06/1956 Ernest Davis New Australia Ernest Davis
07/08/1950 Ian Anderson Ormonde Ian Anderson
15/09/1950 Leighton Smith New Australia Leighton Smith
26/11/1959 Leslie Nightingale Fairsky Leslie Nightingale
22/03/1961 John Sibson Fairsky John Sibson
23/04/1961 Peter Martin P&O Strathmore Peter Martin
13/08/1963 Philip Hardy Fairsky Philip Hardy
27/06/1968 Robert Reynolds Air BA531 Robert Reynolds
07/08/1960 Alexander Mellis Fairsea Alexander Mellis
29/09/1962 Michael Barker Castel Felice Michael Barker
14/07/1966 Paul Brockwell Fairsea Paul Brockwell
23/06/1961 Matthew Ross Orsova Matthew Ross
17/08/1967 Geoff Rushton Air BA714 Geoff Rushton
13/01/1966 Julian Ward Australis Julian Ward
28/07/1963 Allan Morris Castel Felice Allan Morris
15/11/1961 Lindsell Cain Iberia Lindsell Cain
07/11/1951 James Donaldson Ranchi James Donaldson
13/03/1955 Steve Noble Strathnaver Steve Noble
13/03/1950 Chris Watts Asturias Chris Watts
11/09/1960 Bill Hudnott Fairsky Bill Hudnott
19/03/1949 Derek Blackshaw Empire Brent Derek Blackshaw
24/09/1958 George Cockerill Orontes George Cockerill
22/08/1953 Kenneth Harre Orontes Kenneth Harre
28/01/1965 George Hurst Fairsky George Hurst
22/10/1959 Alan Roberts Orcades Alan Roberts
22/11/1956 John Howard Fairsea John Howard
16/09/1959 Richard Holand Fairsky Richard Holand
18/09/1969 Clive Taylor Air Clive Taylor
13/12/1956 Brian Bywater Otranto Brian Bywater

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