Arthur Pinnington

Ship name / Flight number: Fairsky

Arrival date: 10/08/1964

I arrived September 1964 with 16 others on the Fairsky. We did our training at the farm and where sent to farms all over NSW. I was sent to Armidale, the farm was called Invergowrie which is now an area outside Armidale. At the farm I and few others where in the hills behind the farm cleaning up the area when I found a snake in a log, I put it in my T shirt and took it back to the farm where the boss threw it on the ground and said it was a poisonous Black snake and proceeded to kill it!

I have lived in a few different place in Oz and even traveled overseas for two years and irony is that I am now retired and living 100kms north of the farm at Invergowrie

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