Chris Dainty

Ship name / Flight number: Qantas

Arrival date: 09/03/1967

I migrated to Australia, flying into Sydney early March 1967 at the age of 18.

For the first week I stayed in a bungalow at Burwood. I quickly started work at the PMG mail sorting office at Redfern, initially lodging in a boarding house before sharing a rented flat in Ramsgate Avenue, Bondi, with one of the members of my group.

During my time in the country I travelled and worked and saw a great amount of Australia in the days when it was safe to hitchhike.

In 1969 I met an English girl, and we returned to the UK to marry with our families.

We tried to return on three occasions, immigration was difficult to be accepted for during the 1970s.

Time moved on; by 1978 we had four children and I had a job in the fire service and working for BP in one of their refineries.

I have a stepson who lives in Darwin and still many friends in NSW and Queensland so still travel to Oz to visit.

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