Christopher Salter

Ship name / Flight number: Fairsea

Arrival date: 23/12/1959

I arrived in Sydney on the 23/12/59 on the Fairsea at the tender age of 16 and was farmed out (pun intended) to a property in Culcairn, NSW. I worked there for a year or so and then discovered there was more to Australia.

I went to Melbourne on my first annual holiday. Over the next 6 years I had a multitude of jobs ranging from trainee industrial chemist to working on the Hume Dam tie down project. In 1966 I found my perfect job in Melbourne in the Port Authority’s Emergency Service. Eventually, my whole family immigrated to Australia. I retired 20 years ago and have been around the world 6 times and am now building a new house in Rosebud, Victoria.

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