Colin Conroy

Ship name / Flight number: Castel Felice

Arrival date: 14/01/1965

I embarked on the Castel Felice on 11th December 1964 in Southampton and arrived in Sydney on 21st January 1965. My first job was milking cows at a farm near Liverpool, Sydney. Our mentor, Dave Vickery, was a decent man and helped me learn how to milk cows at mid-day and midnight. I applied for a job working on a sheep station near Deniliquin, NSW and arrived at the Old Cobram Merino Stud after an eight hour steam train journey across the Riverina. I learnt how to ride a horse, drive a tractor, operate a bulldozer and use dogs to herd sheep. I had a room to myself in the shearers quarters. I washed in a tin shed, open to the elements, with no hot water, only cold.

I was drafted into the Army during the SE Asia conflict when I was twenty years of age. I married in 1969 and became involved in retail stores in Adelaide. I was a Buyer and traveled around Asia. We had three children, built a home, and then relocated to Sydney. Years later we divorced. I then met and married an American girl, Gena. She was transferred back to the US, and we relocated to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where we still have a home. My daughter from the first marriage enlisted in the US Navy when 9/11 occurred, and currently lives in San Diego, California with her husband and two children. My two sons live in Australia. Gena and I have visited all the Continents over the years, and many interesting places. We have a second home in Kentucky, and have lived in the US Virgin Isles, Charleston South Carolina, St Kitts, Philadelphia and the Bahamas. I own a business in Florida and have lived here since 1991. This is a brief overview of a very exciting life that started with the Big Brother Movement over fifty five years ago.

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