James Gibson

Ship name / Flight number: Jervis Bay

Arrival date: 18/05/1939

James left Southampton on 6th April 1939 and arrived in Sydney on The Jervis Bay in May 1939.

Left: HMS Jervis Bay

From there he went to the Scheyville Training Farm. After his farm training he went a couple of months to Upper Ronald Plains where he worked on a dairy farm. From there he went to work on dairy farms in Tea Gardens, Millthorpe etc.

In 1941 James joined the AIF and went to Malaysia where he was captured and spent till Jan/Feb 1945 in Sandakan. James passed away on the 28 February 1945.

The Australian War Memorial website honors his death in Borneo. James Bernard Gibson | Australian War Memorial (awm.gov.au)

If any reader sees any reason for this story not to be published, or would like to suggest changes, please contact legacy@bbm.asn.au.

Below: James Gibson – Australian War Memorial


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