Michael Akrill

Ship name / Flight number: Orontes

Arrival date: 16/07/1959

Friends gathered to celebrate Mick Akrill’s 60th anniversary of his move from England to Singleton

What better time to host an anniversary bash than between the end of the soccer season and the start of the cricket season?

With all the players past and present, club officials and supporters free of any sporting commitments Michael Akrill decided the time was right to say thank you to his Singleton community for welcoming him way back in 1969.

“Sixty years ago this community welcomed me with open arms and that’s why I decided to stay and make Singleton my home – so thank you so very much,” he told his friends at a special gathering at the golf club on Sunday.

Michael aged 17 had left his home in England for a working life on a dairy farm at Lower Belford. He was sponsored by the Big Brother Movement.

Thus began his life ‘downunder’ and his commitment to the well being of the Singleton community in particular our sporting life and the Hunter’s dairying industry.

Surrounded by many of his soccer and cricket mates and dairy farmers and their families Michael spoke about his working and sporting life and the people who had helped him along the way.

It must be said Singleton is also very grateful for all Michael’s voluntary work and his commitment to the local community for all those 60 years and many more to come – still plenty of history to preserve and matches to write about for The Argus.

Thanks to The Argus for permission to use their article.

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