Peter Howell

Ship name / Flight number: Fairsea

Arrival date: 05/05/1966

Peter has released his life story 02/2023  with the title “Upside down”

Peter arrived in Australia on the Fairsea in 1966. As a wide-eyed 16-year-old with lofty goals and ambitious dreams. He launched himself into Australian life at its most rugged. From jackarooing in NSW to mining in Queensland to driving 150’ long cattle road trains to explore outback Australia with a bit of mustering and droving thrown in, Peter constantly faced new challenges along the way. He exceeded them all to become one of Western Australia’s most successful and experienced transport operators.

When Peter Howell was 71 years old, he was given the choice of whether to live or die. How and why he was put in that position is not the most astounding part. The disconcerting aspect is that he had to think long and hard about his choice. In two seconds, his life was turned completely and permanently upside down. Thus began the hardest decision and journey of his life.

The book is approximately 260 pages long, contains approximately 70 photographs some of which refer to his time jackarooing in New South Wales. Approximately 35 pages of text concern the lead up to departing England, arriving in Australia and the training farm and in particular his first (and only) job from BBM. The book concerns all aspects of Peter’s life including the catastrophic accident and it’s aftermath from 2020 on.

If you are interested to purchase a copy ($25 each plus $10 postage if postage is required) please contact Peter on or call PH: 0419 830 912.

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