Robert Moore

Ship name / Flight number: Orion

Arrival date: 05/11/1958

Bob Moore. Arrived 5th November 1958. Ship Orion.
In 1994 I returned to Ballymena in Northern Ireland for an unannounced holiday. I had not seen most of my family for 36 years, and they got a second shock when I told them that I was on holiday for 3 months (long service leave). What’s that they asked? I have been back many times since. My last trip was in August 2013. During my first trip I travelled all over Ireland, England, Scotland, Isle of Mann and even Canada east to west. My brother in law was so impressed with my travels that he wrote a poem about my time in Ireland. There are approx 24 verses, I have selected a few that should appeal to everyone not just Ballymena men.

I had dreamed of returning to Ireland
Going home to the place of my birth
To see all my friends and relations
And to walk where the grass is the greenest on earth.

Well I’ve been; and I’ve seen; the nine Antrim glens
And the lighthouse at Donaghadee
I crossed the rope bridge at Carrick a Reed
And watched the river Bann flowing north to the sea.

I saw part of my dream; when in Galway
I watched as the sun, set over the bay
And stood on the high cliffs of Mohir
To hear the crashing Atlantic and taste the sea spray.

I awoke each morning at daybreak
To a breakfast of fadge from the pan
Soda farles and spuds for my dinner
For my tea there was dulse and some sweet yellowman.

Yes I have spent the summer in Ireland
But the days have to quickly passed by
To Australia, I’ll be off in the morning
You can tell by the tear in my eye.

Ah, but my trip was well worth the effort
I’ve some really good memories for sure;
I’am taking home more that I came with
For my shoes are now caked in manure.

There’ll be a lump in my throat when I’m leaving
As I climb in the aeroplane door
I know what it’s like parting loved ones
For I’ve travelled that long road before.

Still there’s pride in my heart as I’am going
My dream was truly a joy to fufil
I saw family and friends and sweet Lisnafillan
My birthplace and home overlooking Gracehill.

Fadge. Potato bread, made with mashed potatoes and flour. Baked on a griddle.
Soda farles. Large round scones baked on a griddle.
Dulse. Seaweed harvested from just off the coast and dried in the sun before eaten.
Yellowman. Honeycomb toffee, usually home made.

Hope you enjoy.
Bob Moore

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