Stuart Bazley

Ship name / Flight number: Castel Felice

Arrival date: 14/01/1965

I’m a Little Brother, I arrived in 1965, so long ago, but I still remember it as one massive adventure. I had my bad times, but the good are the ones I treasure the most. I’ve had so many jobs in that time and I recall every one of them. I’ve met and interviewed celebrities, politicians and even Prime Ministers.

Australia was definitely the best thing which ever happened to me and I’m forever grateful for the opportunity BBM gave me.

I honestly can’t understand the few who didn’t enjoy living in Australia, many packed their bags and moved back to the UK. I returned for about 15 months and after meeting up with a number of old school mates I was shown just how lucky I was to live here. Many of them didn’t own a car and the majority hated where they worked.  I even offered to sponsor a few of them to come with me back to Oz, but they refused the offer.

Every time I receive something from BBM, the first thought is “where are the guys I arrived with?” I have managed to find one, but he’s now in the US. We write occasionally, especially on the anniversary of our arrival in Oz.

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