Stuart Gearey

Ship name / Flight number: S S Orontes

Arrival date: 28/08/1957

My path through life has had some interesting twists


Depart Tilbury Aboard S.S. Orontes 23/07/1957  Arrived Sydney 28/08/1957


BBM Training Farm – Liverpool.

1957 to Narromine on sheep/wheat property.

Then to Condobolin to work for Double Gold Medal Equestrian – Laurie Morgan – on his property at “Brotherony.  Drove horses to Melbourne (No License!) at aged seventeen and had eighteenth birthday at Melbourne Royal Show in 1958.

Bought police BSA in Sydney and headed for Queensland where I got a job at Upper Pilton (Top of Great Dividing Range).  Boss couldn’t pay but gave me a bobby calf when he went to calf sales.  I didn’t sell and ended up with more cattle on his property than he did!

Off to drill with percussion rig for water on the Mount Moffat run, north of Mitchell.  Bosses career ended suddenly so had to move on.

Worked on closer settlement block off Bonus Downs, South of Mitchell, and owned by the Australian Estates.

Got Jackerooing job with this fantastic company on Mount Morris Station, NW of Charleville then was transferred to Terrick Terrick Stud at Blackall (Queensland’s largest Merino Stud) where I became Overseer.

Headed Coastwise to buy own property but decided economics not good in dairying at that time, 1967, so did the obvious – I bought a Water Skiing business!

Great for Summer, but thin during Winter, so went into Wetsuit Manufacturing, leading to Swimwear and Clothing Manufacture.

To help develop the skiing business I became third partner in a coach operation.

The coaches could do far more than just bring people water skiing so – Developed a Holiday Club on the Gold Coast which attained a membership of four and a half thousand to go touring!

But membership wanted to do more than just coach touring so developed three Travel Agencies to cover Global travel requirements.

Around this time I became a “Male Escort”!?!? Tour Director, guiding groups around the world including a Hal Litchfield who was a navigator with Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith on the “Southern Cross”.

About now – Mid Eighties – My dear solicitor relieved me of my working capital and went to jail for his misdemeanour. I was considerably scaled back.

The business of Management Rights took me through to retirement leading me to reside on three and a half acres West of the Gold Coast.  I guess that this is my dreamed of Rural Property when I left The UK in 1957!


This forms the briefest of summaries and forms the basis of talks which I have given as my life direction choices have been made in somewhat unusual circumstances.


We, as Little Brothers (In the days of sailing to OZ), came from such a diverse variety of backgrounds into a funnel, which was the voyage to Australia.  A few spilt out the side to go to the Hostel and an urban career, whereas the bulk were channelled through the training farm, and then escaped to WOW! What a variety of directions and experiences.  I am really looking forward to the reunion and hearing some of those stories.

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