Local Reunion Organised

Peter Howell is a Little Brother that recently got in contact with us asking when the next reunion was going to be. After talking with Peter for a while he decided to work with us on organising a local reunion in Perth, WA and document the steps so other Little Brothers can follow suit across Australia.

The event will be at Vic Park RSL Club – 1 Fred Bell Parade, East Victoria Park (Pictures at the bottom of the page).

Dates will be either the weekend of 2/3rd October or 8/9th October.

Proposed to be early afternoon so the people who live several km away can get home in good time – say 12 or 1pm-ish until about 4pm.

9 Little Brothers have indicated they will be attending so far, with more still to get back to us. If you would like to attend the event or get more information please call the office and we can put you in touch with Peter.

“There will be an entry fee to cover the hourly cost for hire of the hall, kitchen facilities and bar attendant, but as the manager is away for the next two weeks, I can’t be certain what it will be, however on the attached photos is the retail price list for hire. The drinks will be bought over the bar, and I’m assured that they are very cheap, being an RSL clubhouse. When I get the accurate cost from the RSL, and when I get an accurate indication of number of attendees, I’ll be able to finalise. There is a $500 bond, fully returnable, which I will put up.” – Peter

BBM will also be sending over documents and photos of interest for those attending.

10th August, 2016

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