Mabel Li

Drama Scholar


 I am not only an actor but also a writer and theatre maker and meeting a wide variety of people working in different sectors will shed a lot of insight on how to balance my interdisciplinary practice.  

I believe we need more young leaders in Australia to inspire new work. It is exciting for me to see young Australians achieve extraordinary success overseas, but I feel that loss of talent can lead to a malnourished industry back home. As a creative, I feel a deep sense of responsibility to where I come from and to my community. On my trip I aim to meet new people and possibly mentors or future collaborators that I can maintain a relationship with. 

I’m highly interested in non-traditional and experimental forms of theatre. I find that when you activate the senses in tactile ways in the space, it powerfully activates memory and empathy. I am often artistically triggered by sound and smell. 

 It is definitely a goal of mine to have a career that has its foundations in Australia but reaches audiences around the world. Travelling and expanding my world-view has always been something that is important to me. Unfortunately, growing up my family did not have the means to support that passion which is why this scholarship is invaluable to me. I have always wanted to go to the UK and Europe, specifically Scotland for the Edinburgh Festival, London and Berlin.  

It is a goal of mine to put on a show at Edinburgh festival/fringe one day. It is one of the most exciting festivals in the world with diverse works coming from many different countries. I would spend my time in Edinburgh consuming as wide a range of forms and stories to gain an insight into what is at the cutting edge of theatre in the world right now.  

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