Makeely Foster

Ballet Scholar


Coming from Canberra, where there is less access to the arts, I plan to attend classes at many different companies around the world and experience the difference in training and the ballet lifestyle in these areas. Then, I plan to come back to Canberra and share my experiences with other like-minded and talented students. In particular, I plan to teach them about what the ballet life is really like outside of Australia.   

Being this type of figure for the next generation is something quite close to me, as I believe if I was given the opportunity to receive this type of help and advice from a figure who understood the ballet world and how it truly works, I would have been able to really grow as a dancer and as a person in my younger years of training 

The difference in training styles is something quite interesting to me and something I believe the ballet community in Australia needs more variety in. 

This scholarship will expose me to many companies overseas for possible employment, which is something that is part of my long-term goals. 

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