Marcello Galuppo

Innovation Scholarship – Green Infrastructure



In Memoriam


“I have just finished my horticultural apprenticeship with Junglefy. Junglefy is one of the largest companies in Australia that specializes in living infrastructure (vertical gardens, green roofs, green walls & breathing walls). Our company maintains the vertical gardens of One Central Park (OCP) where I am lucky enough to work with a fantastic team

I would like to learn more about innovative techniques in and around designing, installing and maintaining vertical gardens in high-rise buildings and how other global leaders manage safety, working from heights, BMU cranes and training.

My goal is to help this industry further develop in Australia, by sharing knowledge so people can understand the importance of green infrastructure (green roofs, green walls, vertical gardens, living buildings and self-sufficient systems) as beneficial to the environment and society. These benefits include management of storm water, insulation of buildings, enhancing biodiversity, reducing air pollution and providing health benefits. Not to mention, the beauty and calming effects of having plants and gardens in our city.

I plan to use this education to assist in developing and updating guides and procedures specific to our site and industry.”



Marcello tragically passed away in March 2021 before he had the opportunity to take up his scholarship travels and see the world.

His employer shared their memories of this talented, inspiring young horticulturalist here



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