Mayfield Garden sponsor horticulture scholarship

In conjunction with the Australian Garden Council, Mayfield Garden have come on board as a new sponsor of the BBM Global Horticulture Scholarship, allowing us to offer 2 horticulture scholarships in 2018.

Mayfield Garden is one of the world’s largest privately owned cool climate gardens and boasts a wealth of attractions for visitors, from a spectacular garden to great food and local wines to large scale events.

Mayfield Garden CEO Hamish Keith commented: ‘We are seeing a decline in the number of skilled young people in horticulture and want to play an active part with programs that improve the skill level, confidence and aspiration of young people in our profession. We are looking forward to supporting a young person’s professional development overseas.’

Graham Ross and 2017 Awardee Joel Smith


Australian Garden Council founding board member and Chair Graham Ross added: ‘I believe our nation is improved by having a really good relationship with gardening. The BBM Youth Support Awards allows young people to travel and experience the best of horticulture around the world, to then bring this knowledge back to improve the profession in Australia.’

If you are interested in supporting a BBM Youth Support Award, please call 02 9233 4005.

26th July, 2018

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