Meet Abbey Murphy

2018 BBM Youth Support Award for Preforming Arts, Ballet

“At times I have questioned my future as a ballerina, but at each of these challenges I have continued to focus on the successes to be achieved by pushing through and I have kept a positive commitment to strive to do my best.”


Since the age of 3 Abbey has been a ballerina.


Her entire life has been centred around the goal of being the greatest dancer she can be. Her commitment has shown through her willingness to relocate to Melbourne city at age 15 away from family and friends to attend The Australian Ballet School.


Abbey’s family are just as invested in her ballet career as she is.


“My dad has continued to work overseas to fund my ballet training and added expenses, if it weren’t for this I would not have been able to purse my passion of ballet. My dad has worked in third world countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan with many hardships to fund my training which I am immensely grateful for.”


Abbey now plans to begin her transition to the UK with the hope of being signed by a ballet company. The aim of her trip is to “audition for as many companies as possible, gain valuable experiences whilst still enjoying where my career takes me.”



Some school’s Abbey intends to audition for are The English National Ballet, The Royal Ballet, The Birmingham Royal Ballet, Ballet Ireland, The Northern Ballet, The National Ballet of Canada and the Scottish Ballet.


Even though Abbey has a packed schedule for her trip she still plans to “travel and learn about different cultures, the diversity overseas and just savour the experience.”


The BBM team wishes Abbey luck on her journey and are excited to see the places her ambitions take her.

17th January, 2019

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