Meet Annabelle Butler

2018 BBM Youth Support Award for Agriculture

“I firmly believe that Australia’s agricultural industries need more young, innovative and inquisitive people to become involved and contribute towards their development and sustainability.”

Since the age of 10, Annabelle Butler has immersed herself in farming. She grew up being involved in several Queensland Youth Charolais Conferences both as a delegate and a volunteer.

Today, Annabelle has a unique interest in cattle production which led her to dedicating her time, education and future to contributing to the longevity of the Australian beef industry.

Specifically, Annabelle has a keen interest in low stress stock handling with cattle.

“I would like to be able to demonstrate how LSSH can benefit beef production across the supply chain. There has been shown to be a positive correlation between low stress handling and weight/meat quality. In addition, safety of those involved can be improved throughout the entire supply chain.”

Annabelle is now embarking on an exciting journey to the US to learn more about low stress stock handling.

In the US, Annabelle will be attending one of the best agricultural universities, Kansas State University. She hopes to work with Temple Grandin during her time there.

Temple is an industry leader in low stress stock handling and an inspiration to young women such as Annabelle.

Annabelle’s trip itinerary also includes visiting Roseda Farms in Maryland, Agri Beef farms and undertake a low stress stock handling course.

The BBM team are excited to see where this trip takes Annabelle and what she brings back to Australia.

31st January, 2019

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