Meet Jennifer: Pianist and Advocate for Musicians Rights

2017 BBM Youth Support Award for Music – Piano

“I am passionate about the music that has emerged from different countries and nationalities.”

Jennifer is a passionate pianist seeking musical growth both as a performer and teacher.

“I believe that going to the UK, a centre of classical music, will be extremely educational and I will be able to discover first hand what possibilities and opportunities are available in the future.”

“As a child of first generation migrants, my parents are unable to provide me with financial support. I have been financially independent since I was 14, and as a tertiary student, I could not envisage undertaking a trip of this nature.”

Jennifer stood out as an applicant for the BBM Music Award for her unique interest in the connection between music and law. “In future, I wish to offer my skills not only as a musician, but as a lawyer in the drafting of policies and laws in Australia and worldwide that will protect musician’s rights.”

Jennifer has an excitingly full vision for her trip including private lessons, masterclasses, music festivals and auditions for a range of prestige music colleges.

We are excited to follow Jennifer’s numerous journey’s within the UK.


7th December, 2018

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