Meet Jeweller Georgia Piggott

“My dream is to work alongside world renown jewellers and designers.”
– Georgia Piggott, 2018 BBM Youth Support Awardee for Trade


Jeweller Georgia Piggott is an awardee who sees the value in theory before practice. As a current apprentice at Wallace Bishop Jewellers she explains the importance of firstly understanding the “theory and basic technical skills needed to apply and develop workshop skills”.

She is inspired by Graff Jewellers, Jessica Poole, Dr Vroomen and Victoria Walker. “Just to have the chance to spend time watching them work would be an amazing opportunity”.

A WorldSkills Australia bronze medallist, Georgia strives to one day start her own line of fine jewellery. Travelling to the UK is an important step towards her goal as it gives her the opportunity to meet people in her industry overseas and the chance to work and train with some of the best jewellers in the world. She hopes to increase and fine tune her design and technical skills and gain the knowledge and confidence to start her own business.

After returning from the UK, Georgia plans to give back to rural and remote communities by offering her time to young people, sharing her experiences and in the process bring fresh minds and talent to Australia’s wonderful jewellery industry:

“I hope to inspire them to find and follow their creative path no matter how far it takes them from home”.


Georgia and family at the 2018 BBM Youth Support Awards Night at parliament House Sydney.


Feature Image by WorldSkills Australia. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

27th November, 2018

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