Meet Justin Bye

2018 BBM Youth Support Award for Trade, Auto Mechanic

A passionate Diesel Mechanic with a dream of becoming a tafe trainer in his own state is Justin Bye. Justin is eager to travel to the UK for 6 months to work in some of the world’s greatest automotive facilities. He plans to pass this new-found knowledge onto the next generation of apprentices and hence help improve the states skill level.

“This will not only benefit me, but will also benefit the industry in Tasmania.”

Justin has a unique interest in safety standards. During his placement, he plans to observe different safety standards to lessen the risk of being injured at work.

He is passionate about studying new processes and procedures.

Justin Bye, WorldSkills Australia National Championships 2018

Justin views this as “an advantage as they might have more efficient ways of doing things as well as different safety measures in place for particular jobs.”

“Working as safe as possible and planning out the task ahead is a big part of my job here in Tasmania. I believe that working at these businesses will improve my personal safety standards.”

During Justin’s time in the UK he plans to undergo work experience at the following places; Caterpillar marine power UK Ltd, Industrial power systems (Perkins Engines), Articulated trucks, Caterpillar (UK) Ltd, Caterpillar remanufacturing services & Cummins UK, West London.

The BBM Youth team are excited to see where Justin’s passion take him alongside what knowledge he brings back to Tasmania.

Images by WorldSkills Australia. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

7th January, 2019

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