Meet Raphael Masters

2018 BBM Youth Support Award for Music

“Music has always been something innate to who I am and what I want to become.”

Raphael Masters is a passionate and talented violinist whose appreciation for music has grown with him from childhood.  Raphael considers himself fortunate to come from a family of musicians as it was instilled in him throughout his life.

“When music wasn’t happening, it was being talked about.”

Music is part of Raphael’s identity: “This is why I strive to devote myself to the study of it, in order to fulfil my potential not only as a musician, but to explore how I can use my talents to benefit others, bringing the joy and power music offers to those less fortunate.”

Raphael plans to deepen his musical journey by travelling to the UK and USA to undertake lessons with a number of world renowned teachers.

He believes that throughout his journey different teachers will have their “own wisdom to offer me, unique to their perception of music. These teachers would not only advise me of the best path to take, but hopefully act as an advocate in pursuit of a place at a school.”

He plans to audition for conservatories such as the Royal College, Royal Academy and the Guildhall School.

“I view music as a spoken language, a rich tapestry of expression.”

In addition to outstanding talent, Raphael’s extraordinary view on music is what has won him a BBM Youth Support Award, and we are excited to watch his career as a musician develop.

17th December, 2018

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