Meet Ryan Hepplewhite

2018 BBM Youth Support Award for Trade, Steel Construction

Ryan is a fourth-year apprentice with a Certificate III in Metal Fabrication.

Ryan will travel to the UK for work experience and hopes his BBM Youth Support Award journey “help me kick start my career as it would allow me to gain a deeper understanding of how my industry (steel construction) is run in another country.”

Having won two WorldSkills gold medals, Ryan is already on top of his industry in Australia, and he is especially keen to now go overseas as a BBM awardee to learn different skills, techniques and approaches that he has not been taught or exposed to.

He also looks forward to growing his leadership skills. Having worked in team environments for all his working life, he has already learned to both listen to other team members’ ideas while incorporating his own thoughts. International work experience is an opportunity for him to further improve his leadership and team work skills by learning to successfully communicate with a range of different people from a variety of backgrounds.

“My ultimate goal is to operate my own business. I would love to be involved in as much as I can, to learn a new skills that I can take with me and apply world wide.”

Images by WorldSkills Australia. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

17th December, 2018

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