Meet Sean McIntosh

Sean McIntosh is a student of Agriculture at Tocal Collage, interested in mixed beef, cropping and cotton enterprises. Management techniques, environmental implications and cattle breeding are his key focus.

The judging panel selected Sean as one of the five BBM Youth Agriculture Awardees for his advanced skill set, knowledge and active participation in his local farming community.

He will travel to the UK to see how different climates, soil types and social structures affect farming techniques, and how farmers adapt to these variables to have a profitable enterprise. In addition, visits to Aberdeen Angus and Semex in the Scotland and England are at the top of Sean’s travel bucket list.

With this wealth of knowledge and experience, Sean hopes to one day manage his own mixed beef and cropping enterprise in the Northern regions of NSW.

BBM Youth are excited to follow Sean’s journey to the UK and the skillset he returns to Australia with.


14th November, 2018

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