Michael Young

Agriculture Scholar


I am most passionate about the use of farm models and simulations as methods to improve agriculture. Models and simulations are a great way to utilise farm data to produce relevant insights that help farmers manage their farms in the most effective way. Hence, I am particularly interested to learn about different management tools/models/programs that are utilised to aid consultants in America and Canada when providing advice. 

With the rise in technology and the corresponding increase in available agricultural data I see a great potential to improve farm productivity and sustainability through strategic whole farm planning.  

My long-term career goal is to become an independent farming consultant providing bio-economic business analysis support to large family and corporate farms in Australia and rural R&D corporations like GRDC, MLA and AWI. My aim would be to run my own consulting business using whole farm models to assist me. This would make my business unique as the concept of using whole farm linear programming models to provide advice to farmers is not widely used in Western Australia.  

I have had this idea for a number of years now and have kept it in mind with many of the decisions I have made since graduating high school. I began the journey with a gap year where I worked on a number of farms in the great southern area. I have since completed an undergraduate degree in agricultural science at the University of Western Australia. Whilst completing my undergraduate I used my broadening units and electives to study finance, accounting, economics and marketing. 

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